9/19/17 Paris

Well, today we had a quiet day which was a good idea after the last several days of running around and walking for miles and battling jet lag. We slept late and then did our laundry, thank goodness for a place with a washer/dryer!  By the time we left to get something to eat it was almost 2pm and we hadn’t had coffee or food yet….. that was a mistake since we both got hangry and on top of that were caffeine deprived.

We walked down to the Rue de Montorgueil and found a great spot for lunch overlooking the pedestrian street. It was a bit chilly and rainy and we were glad to have brought our umbrellas in Jack’s pack.  After a delicious lunch of omelettes and salad (with frites of course) and  cafe cremes we were ready for the day. The rain had lifted while we were eating and it was a beautiful sunny Paris afternoon.

We walked the street buying items for dinner, the poissonaire for tuna, boulangerie for fresh baguette and the fruit and vegetable store for salad makings and potatoes. We stopped by the wine shop and bought a bottle and by the patisserie for a bit of a sweet.

We went home and spent a quiet afternoon planning the rest of our days while in Paris. Although we have been playing it by ear so far, we thought it best to do some more specific planning since we were down to 5 days remaining in Paris and we wanted to make sure that we didn’t miss anything that we had set our hearts on seeing.

A walk in the neighborhood in the early evening took us to a great cashmere shop we had our eyes on and after practicing my poor French with the willing proprietress,  I bought a cap (casquette) for Jack for his anniversary gift and we went home to cook that delicious dinner we had purchased earlier.

Lovely quiet day, tomorrow back to putting in the mileage!

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