Rome 10/7/17

We went to bed with some rain coming down, the first we have had in Italy, but woke to a clear and beautiful morning with a slight chill in the air and a bit of a wind.  We had tea and a bite to eat at home before leaving to check out what is called the “Jewish Ghetto” area in Rome.  This area has lots of shops and pedestrian streets and there was a museum we were interested in.  Of course, we got there and realized that it was closed today since it is the Sabbath.

On our way, we passed a small church so we stopped to poke our heads in and, it being Rome, we saw this:


It is just amazing how sites like this in Rome are working churches that just happen to have been in operation for over 1000 years.

We walked down the street a bit and ran across this:


This is the Portico D’Ottavia built by the emperor Augustus for his sister between 23 and 27 BC, just another Saturday morning stroll in Rome.IMG_6794.jpg

We strolled on looking in boutique shops with clothing, shoes and all types of leather goods.


We found another Piazza with a great old fountain. I am holding a bag with a great leather travel backpack/purse that Jack bought me for our anniversary at a cool little leather store in the area.

We walked on to our final destination of the day, the Campo d’Fiori , a plaza that has a large market of various goods, mainly fruits and vegetables and pasta and oils.

IMG_6804.jpgWe got some fantastically fresh Medjool dates. We had been looking for some balsamic vinegar and some fish for our dinner tonight.  We found the vinegar but struck out trying to find a fish place.  We were able to get some at a local grocery so I made tuna salads with fresh bread and the left over spaghetti from last night that Jack made. We opened the wine we bought in France and dug in.



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