Southeastern US Road Trip

It’s time for another adventure!  This time we are staying closer to home, at least in the same country anyway.  We are leaving next Tuesday 2/20/18 for a leisurely drive from Colorado to Gainesville, Florida where my daughter is living.  She has been at UF for a three year residency in Veterinary Medical Oncology and will be returning home to Colorado in July so although I have been visiting her several times a year by flying out, I realize that I am unlikely to ever go explore the South by car unless I do it while she is still living there.

The plan is for Jack and I and our little 15 pound dog Gizmo, to just meander out with a more Northern route and then return with a Southern focus. We have nothing pre-planned and no dates to worry about other than theater tickets in Orlando to see the Lion King on March 3rd so we will go as the wind takes us.  My wish is to get a sense of this region of the country by traveling the back roads and eating at the regional restaurants and hopefully even getting to strike up some conversations with “locals” along the way.

See you Tuesday and welcome along on another adventure!

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