Georgia to South Carolina


The rain pounding on the roof woke us up about 8:30 this morning. Yesterday was a long day that ended with dinner and some drinks with friends in Roswell and then returning to their beautiful home in Milton, Ga.  It was midnight before we settled down in their great guest quarters over the garage so we were slow to wake.

Luckily, the rain did not last long and we went out to breakfast and by the time we returned, it was starting to dry out.  We have been very lucky with the weather this trip, even with the ice storms in Kansas, the roads have been good and though we have had some rain it has not been excessive and since we left Missouri it has been pretty warm. We had days in Kentucky and Tennessee that were in the high 70’s.

As we have moved south, things have started greening up and in Georgia cherry trees are already in bloom and the grasses are green.


This is Chuck and Tina’s home. Chuck is a contractor and he built this home himself. The garage on the left has the guest quarters above where we stayed. There is a large sitting room, full bathroom and large bedroom.


Great front porch overlooking the 2 1/2 acre property.


Chuck, Tina and Jack

When we took off around 12:30, we had to decide whether to go right down to Gainesville where my daughter lives or to drive east to the coast of South Carolina and then drive down the coast tomorrow to Gainesville.  Since my daughter Kayla was in Jacksonville for a wedding and wouldn’t be home till late anyway, we decided not to pass up the opportunity to visit yet another state on this trip and so we headed east.


Pretty skies coming into South Carolina.

We pulled into Charleston around 6:30 and found a motel and got some dinner. We had a nice sunset coming into town.


After dinner I walked by a dress store in a hip area of bars and restaurants and this is what was in the window.


Um, not sure what to say about this. Is it meant to be ironic?

Tomorrow we will get to the coast and show Gizmo the ocean for the first time in his life! Should be fun.


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