Amsterdam 10/13/17

Today started off cloudy and cool with a threat of rain, typical Amsterdam weather for this time of year, so we packed up the umbrellas and put on the raincoats and went to do some exploring. Picture of the Eye museum by our apartment. Beautiful wildflowers planted nearby.  You can see the grey start to… Continue reading Amsterdam 10/13/17

Rome 10/10/17

Today was our last day in Rome, we will be leaving in the morning for our few days in Amsterdam and then back home.  It’s been an amazing trip and I hope some readers have enjoyed traveling along with us. We had another slow morning and took some time just to figure out what we… Continue reading Rome 10/10/17

Rome 10/8/17

We had set aside today to visit an exhibition of Raphael frescoes at a museum in Rome housed in an old palace called the Villa Farnesina.  It is located in the area of town where we are staying, the Trastevere.  It is a Renaissance palace that was started in 1506 and completed in 1510.  The… Continue reading Rome 10/8/17